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Quality and environment

The quality and environmental policy is supported and defined by the Delta T management. It is therefore binding for all company divisions. Our corporate goal is based on sustainable occupational health and safety, quality and environmental protection values.


Every employee is obliged to comply with these requirements accordingly.


Customer satisfaction


The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. Through compliance and overachievement of customer requirements in relation to our products, services, flexibility and order processing, we aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors.


Delta T strives for a zero-defect strategy. The continuous improvement of our processes and services are a suitable measure to pursue the set zero-defect goal.


Error prevention and quality control in the manufacture of our products, maintenance of the equipment, as well as trained handling of the material contribute to the fact that the customer of Delta T receive the requested product and quality of service that they expect from us.


We want to be a good and reliable partner for our customers. Not only in terms of quality but also economically. To achieve this, we design our processes as efficiently as possible.




We focus on trained, motivated and qualified staff who carry out the work in all areas of the company to the complete satisfaction of our customers. The professional qualifications of our employees are constantly checked and if necessary retrained.


Quality and sustainability of suppliers


Delta T strives to ensure that its suppliers have at least the same level of ambition to meet the health and safety, quality and sustainability objectives. We seek continuous, intensive contact with our suppliers and involve them in the search for special solutions.


Adherence to legal requirements, compliance


Delta T is committed to compliance with legal requirements. Changes in legislation are analysed promptly and implemented in an economically efficient manner.


Occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainability


The protection and health of our employees is our highest priority. Operating processes are consistently designed and monitored to avoid work-related health risks and accidents.


In the same way, the protection of the environment has a very high priority in our actions.

The conservation of our resources, the reduction of waste, responsible chemicals management, water quality, water consumption and management, climate protection (air quality/reduction of CO2 equivalents) as well as the use of renewable energies and the reduction of energy consumption are of great importance to us.


Environmental aspects are integrated into product development, production and resource planning and are taken into account.



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