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Quality and environment

Quality and environment policy


The quality and environment policy is driven and set by the management board. Therefore it applies bindingly on all departments.

This policy is the work instruction on all levels of the company. Every employee bears the qualitative responsibility for their own achieved performance. It is the employee´s duty to meet those demands according the prescribed guidelines and instructions.

Within the order processing we rely on trained, motivated and qualified staff that carefully takes care of the necessary tasks in all the company´s areas.


The compliance of our quality and environmental demands regarding our products, services and order processing (will be achieved) are achieved by planning all necessary measures, considering the legal requirements before, during and after the order processing and controlling systematically all processes in the process chain.

Our corporate goal is based on sustainable quality and environmental values. Fundamentally we put emphasis on high-quality material, environmentally- and resource-friendly production as well as transport-, logistic- and energy-aspects that integrates a minimization of damages and/or wastes.


Delta T basically determines that protecting the environment is of high importance in all our actions.

Environmental aspects are considered and involved in the product development, production and resource planning.

Delta T commits to a strict compliance of all environmentally relevant laws and regulations. By researching annually it is guaranteed that new laws or insights are implemented immediately and that the environment management is continuously improved.


A permanent quality inspection of the manufacturing equipment, its maintenance and trained handling with the material contributes that Delta T´s customers receive the required product- and service quality like agreed on in the contracts.


Delta T strives for a zero defect strategy meaning a defective product must not be able to reach the customer. Continuous improvement of our processes and performances are suitable measurements to achieve the specified “zero-defect-goal”.


Delta T´s customers (especially automotive-customers) place special emphasis on considering environment aspects regarding the production and distribution of products. We want to satisfy this emphasis to the full extent.


Delta T aims at setting apart from the competition due to the highest quality in applying and processing the used material. The professional qualifications of our employees are continuously checked, can be additionally trained if needed and are also accompanied by QS-consulting. A constant and close contact to our suppliers is important to us and we involve them when searching for a special solution.


Furthermore Delta T tries to obligate or at least encourage its suppliers to pursuit or even exceed the same efforts.



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